Sunday, January 18, 2009

Workout Routine?

I am a 5'2" 125lb. 21 year old..... and I have not been active for some time now. I am looking to lose my belly flab and get in shape-- I lose my breath climbing stairs. I am not necessarily looking to lose weight (a few pounds wouldnt kill me thought) but to get toned and in shape. I am going to join the YMCA-- they have a student discount but I would rather do a routine here on campus for FREE. I was a member of the YMCA for a semester and I did like it when I did intervals on the treadmill then some sit ups and small weight lifting. I am interested in starting a routine for about 3x a week for 45-1hour each session at the gym.

I am lost in what will work best?? The cardio on the treadmill, some sit ups and the elliptical? Should I try intervals again? What should be my daily workout? Should I change my diet along with it? My primary goal is to get in shape where I can run around or climb stairs without being out of breath.

Any suggestions?


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  2. I love my Wii Fit. You should check out some of my vlogs talking/showing about it. I also joined Wii Fit Mommies which is a great network where we encourage each other. It's not just for mothers either. You could watch some of their routines and read a story about how a lady lost 60lbs using the Wii Fit. Plus it's fun!

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    I have a long history and background in womens fitness...from managing womens gyms to my own PT company. You sound like you just need a consistent schedule of getting "healthy". I would say 3-4 days a week of cardio (any kind) at least 25-35 min. And some form of resistance training 2x's a week (that can be weights, resistance band/ball, pilates...that's my fav) Also, sometimes training for something is great too....maybe a 5K or something like so you have a goal.

    Let me know if you need more help!! ♥