Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday

Wow...what a long week. I am so glad it's Friday!!! The assignments have started to pick up and I have chosen to re-vamp my priorities and commitments.

I am going for a meeting with my advisor today and I may be able to graduate a semester early or even complete 2 classes while at home to save money. I was thrilled to find out that I was ahead in college and I sure hope that I get good news today. I am actively looking for an internship in the DC/Metro area and I am really nervous as I wait to hear back from them about whether or not they want to schedule an interview. I am glad that I am meeting with my advisor today because I can then give the internship a look at my graduation date.

Two of my residents needed to go to the ER during our 'snow storm'-- so glad they woke me up though. They are both fine and on antibiotics, thank goodness.

I have really been slacking with my blogging and I do apologize....trying to get it all up to date ;) I am really enjoying reading everyones posts and their contests and FREE stuff. Thank you to all my readers and the blogs that I follow!!

I am so tired, and so glad its Friday!! Tomorrow I plan to go to the mall and just look around, money is tight but I am in need of taking a day to myself. I am going to visit Garrett in West Virginia for Valentine's Day and this is the first one we will spend together in 3 years. A long distance relationship is hard, no doubt about it. I am planning to write a post on tips for long distance relationships....from personal experience.

Also, Tupperware has 40% off Modular Mates until Feb. 13th (I am placing an order on Feb. 11) AND ending tonight (1/30) is 40-50% off gift sets. Email me at and I will forward the flyers.



  1. That's awesome to find out you are ahead in college. Good luck finding an intership.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  2. Hi Olivia,
    I'm so happy to hear about your collage goals.. that's awesome!!

    Hope you had some time to rest today and fun at the mall!!

    And I'll be praying for you,